The Bible refers to Christians as "saints" or "holy ones," set apart and dedicated to God. So rather than emphasizing what a person knows or what a person is able to do, "saints" communicates a crystal clear focus on who the person is on the inside. The most obvious element in our Saints logo is the cross, which also serves as a "T" in the name. The other key ingredient is the torch, which doubles as the "I" and has a flame hovering over the top. The entire logo appears to be moving forward, from the leaning of the text to the flame, which trails to the left.

In keeping with our school philosophy, we use our after school athletics to help prepare our students for high school life and beyond. There is much to be learned about relationships and values in life that a great sports program can meet. After school sports is a privilege that is offered to our 5th-8th grade students. In the fall we participate in the Christian Athletic League with Volleyball for girls and Flag Football for boys. In the winter Basketball takes place for both our girls and boys. During spring we participate in Track and Field with area schools as well as other Lutheran Schools.

All of our student athletes sign a contract about keeping grades up and current as well as their behavior at games, and a commitment to attend practices.
Parent volunteers assist in coaching, transporting players to games and preparing team snacks. There are many ways to get involved. If you are interested in being involved in St. John's Lutheran School's sports program, contact Mr. Eric Hoffman below.

Go Saints!


St. John's Lutheran School is proud to offer a variety of athletic options for all ages including football, volleyball, basketball, and more.


Sports schedules will be announced later this year. 

A few of our SJLS Saints teams

The ability to play and perform sports, comes ultimately from God.