COVID-19 UPDATE: April 3, 2020

Dear Families,

Much has happened since last Friday, and now we have the needed guidance and policy mandates that impact our decision-making. St. John’s Lutheran School and Children’s Center will not reopen our campuses this academic year. Just to be clear, our school year is not over. Many of you already expected and/or asked for this in the best interest of community-wide health. Others, like myself, were living in hope that we would have some portion of our academic year back on campus.
In these difficult times, we wish to walk alongside families as we continue to educate students through parent partnerships, distance learning tools, and teacher expertise. We understand that this situation may be creating unplanned financial difficulties for many of you. If anyone is in need of tuition support due to the loss of job(s) or income, please contact me ASAP. Additionally, May’s tuition will be reduced by 50% for all families. If you wish to continue paying tuition at the regular rate, please let us know. l will be reaching out to all families over the next week to connect and to understand individual needs better.

My grandma was fond of saying, “The grass is greener wherever you water it.” I’m hoping that our continued efforts are producing “green grass” amidst this pandemic drought. We still have learning to be accomplished this academic year. Your teachers continue to plan, create content, and work exceedingly hard for each student and family. SJLS staff continues to feel high responsibility for student learning, and, regardless of the necessary changes, we are focused on finishing strong. I understand that this current temporary reality is not what any of us planned on, but how are we going to meet this challenge?
Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

I know that this is not an ideal situation for teaching and learning, but what are the opportunities? What will our children learn in the coming weeks? Will they learn to be fearful or complacent, or will they continue to learn with resilience? There is, indeed, great opportunity in front of us.

1. Coronavirus/Covid-19 has forced our education into a distance learning model. We are learning new communication strategies, hopefully growing stronger as parent-teacher teams, and we are creating new learning strategies. St. John’s is committed to continue to grow in this way.
2. This historic moment may allow us to extend and accelerate soft skill growth in our students and in ourselves. The necessary social distancing parameters are providing opportunities for our students to grow in essential skills such as self-regulation, time-management, self-advocacy, organization, problem-solving and being able to adapt to an ever-changing world. I encourage you to celebrate these successes as much as the academic wins.
3. I believe our community will continue to find new innovations for learning, socializing, and encouragement. Already we have families posting story times, family dance parties, creating book clubs, etc. Let’s be strategic in how we walk together. Let’s create community and opportunities that will be carried on after this crisis ends.

Thank you for your trust and partnership as we continue to make decisions in the best interest of student learning during these difficult times. I look forward to talking with you all in the coming days.

Evan Anwyl, Superintendent              

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